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Solar Electric Panel Systems in Delaware

Solar saves you money

There are many reasons to consider solar electricity; the one we think about most is money. Solar electric panels are one of the few HOME improvement/ investments that we can guarantee will pay you back and even put money in your pocket.

Cost of solar electric installed
on your roof in Delaware

Sweeten solar will install a 5000 watt PV system on your roof for as low as $4250. This amount will be the final out of pocket investment after you receive the Delaware green energy fund rebate and your federal tax credit. The system consists of twenty 250 watt solar panels, one 5000W inverter, all racking, wiring, fuses, breakers and disconnects. This solar electric panel installation is a very smart way to step into the renewable energy field.
Please call Mike Sweeten at 302-530-2377 for details about this or other systems.

The specific output of any PV system depends on the details of is orientation to the sun and shading conditions. Let's accept that this system is on a relatively sunny roof that is 88% efficient as to total amount of sun that could possibly hit this surface if it was perfectly oriented and had no shading. This system will produce approximately 5900 kilowatt hours of electricity yearly. The amount of money this is worth depends on your electric rate, as the electric rate increases the money saved also increases making this investment keyed for inflation and rising energy prices.

Over a period of one year you will save about $850.00. If you were looking for a more traditional investment medium like stocks or bonds where you could invest and get the same rate of return you would have to be guaranteed an interest rate of at least 11% to equal the return on your investment in solar. You would also create additional income each year when you sell the five solar renewable energy credits your system will create each year.

When considering how this investment affects the value of your home you should think of it as a very reliable money machine spitting out a couple of dollars every day for the next 25 or more year. Added up it will total over $24,000.00. At resale time what buyer could argue against cash? This will also be tax free cash as it is not an income that you have to claim and pay taxes on, it is a reduction of a utility payment. It simply allows you to keep more of your income that has already been taxed.

State and local rebates help

While the practical use of solar power systems is a relatively recent trend, the technologies have been around for quite a while. Improvements in manufacturing and rising fuel costs have now made these technologies practical and affordable. Current government rebates and tax credits make it even more affordable. We have been approved by the Green energy fund to qualify our customers for the rebate they offer to Delaware solar installations. Currently the green energy fund is paying $1.25 per watt of installed panel up to 5000 w (5kw) and $.75 per watt from 5kw to 10kw. The federal government is offering a 30% tax credit (deducted from taxes you would normally owe) for homeowners or a 30% tax bond (cash rebate) for businesses and commercial properties, even your rental properties may qualify.

The Delaware Green Energy rebate program requires a site analysis be included in all applications for rebates. They also require you obtain a home energy audit and perform some of the suggested energy saving improvements.

Extra income from SREC's

You will also create solar renewable energy certificates(srec)for generating electric power from the sun. The beauty of the system is that you get to use the electricity you make and get credit for extra electricity you do not use but send back into the grid. You also generate one srec for every 1000 watts of power your system generates weather you use it or send it to the grid. These srecs are then sold to the power company which uses them to fulfill a government mandate that a percentage of the power they sell is made using renewable energy sources.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels cost less with Sweeten Solar

The fastest way for a solar electric system to pay you back is to pay less for it initially. We install the same components as the big guys; we just do it for less. We believe that charging fewer dollars for each installation allows our customers to make a higher rate of return which encourages more sales.

DIY packages

We'll provide you a complete do it yourself package including everything you need to install a pv system on your roof or in your yard. We will provide you with all information and consultation you need to safely do it yourself (you will still need an electrician to tie system into electric utility) Rebates are also available to diy'ers. Our 5000 watt special is also available for Do-It-Yourself installation. Your cost for this package will be as low as $1450. after all available rebates are applied.

The science is in the Solar Cells- the rest is electrical wiring and standard electrical components.

Solar energy isnít the rocket science it can be made to sound like. You need three things done correctly for good results.

  • First you need to properly design the system. Panels, fuses, wires, connectors, inverter, and mounting system.
  • Second you need to safely mount the panels on the roof using a secure watertight system and wire them together properly.
  • Third you need to install your inverter and connect it to your homes electrical service and electrical grid.

I will admit there are more than a few details in the above steps that have to be considered but no brain surgery or rocket science. To obtain a rebate there is a bit of paperwork and waiting.

Orientation matters-site analysis

The more southerly a system faces the better it performs and shade is not good. We will perform a free site analysis to see if your location is acceptable for solar. Any given system will produce more or less electricity depending upon how much sunlight it receives each day. Hours of exposure and how straight on the sun hits make a difference in power output.

Our free site analysis consists of a rooftop or proposed ground mount location visit. We will use the Solar Pathfinder to measure the potential of your location for electricity generation. We come to your location and set up the solar pathfinder at the exact location you would like to install your solar panels. We also collect other pertinent data about the site, your home and your electrical use. We create an initial design for your system then enter your collected site data along with the proposed PV system components into our Pathfinder analysis computer program to see how well suited your site is for solar energy harvest and how much electricity that system will produce along with how efficiently it does so. Not every sunny roof is sunny enough to make electricity efficiently. Click on the pathfinder logo for more info about a site analysis.

The Delaware Green Energy rebate program requires a site analysis be included in all applications for rebates.
Click here for "free site analysis and system estimate".


Every system carries a 5 year warrantee on labor and material and most components carry longer manufacturer's warrantees. Panels can have level of performance warranties of up to 25 years.

Solar for the masses or a system on every home, or business

Solar will be the norm, not the exception. We believe any location suitable for solar will eventually have solar. The sooner you get a system the sooner it starts paying you back.

Leads to more ways to save

A side benefit comes with the awareness created by having a power generating system. As you monitor how much your system produces, you also become more aware of what you consume which leads you to find ways to reduce your usage and save even more money.

If you are curious, or interested in the possibility of a solar energy system give me a call or fill out the form.
Mike Sweeten

Solar panels installed in Delaware
Installing solar panels in Delaware

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